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Interviewing HR Managers: Best Questions to Ask

When interviewing a potential Human Resources professional, you will want to ask questions to determine the person’s qualities and skills, their fitness for the position, and their fit with your company culture.

The following questions should help you get an idea of whether or not this person is right for the job:

Describe an experience in your career when you were able to positively influence someone’s behavior. What actions did you take to influence this behavior?

Describe a recent occasion when you had to resolve a conflict with a colleague or subordinate. What was the outcome of the conflict? Why was it an effective strategy?

Briefly describe the most challenging policy, procedure, or law that has affected you or other employees. How did you resolve this situation and what action did you take?

What is your opinion about any changes that might need to be made in our benefits package? What are some of the benefits of what we presently offer, and any specific changes that would reflect positively on me as an employee?

Describe how you saw this situation from the point of view of another person (i.e. the victim, suspect, etc.). How do you think that person responded?

Briefly describe a situation in which you had to advocate for a position or policy. What did you say in this exchange, and why did you recommend that course of action?

Briefly describe an experience where your opinion differed from that of others. How did others perceive this situation? Was there any negative feedback about your opinions?

Describe your own greatest strengths and weaknesses. How would you describe yourself?

Briefly discuss an example where another employee was let go after behavior had caused an adverse impact on the organization.

Give an example of a time when others tried to persuade you to take a particular action. How did you respond?

Describe an instance in which you disagreed with someone over something, but held your position and worked anyway. How did you feel about this situation? What did you learn from it? 

Tell me about yourself (your interests, hobbies, etc.) and what makes you different from other applicants. 

How would you describe your decision-making process? 

How would you handle a situation where a complaint was made against you by an employee or a co-worker?

How would you handle an employee who doesn’t perform as expected, despite your efforts to coach and counsel him/her?

Describe a situation in which you could not complete all your responsibilities as promised.

Describe a situation where you might fall behind on your work due to external circumstances.

How would you go about handling a non-performing employee?

How would you handle an employee who does not have an accurate picture of the requirements of his/her position?

What is your experience working with both owners and employees? 

What is your view on team building? 

What training would you want to receive so that you could better carry out your responsibilities?

How would you handle a situation where another employee refused to perform his/her part of the job well? What would be your approach? 

Which of your direct reports do you like or dislike the most? Why do you like them (or why do you not)? What do they do well (or not so well)?

Why do you want to work for us?

Why are we a good place for you to work? What do you believe are our strengths and weaknesses?