Staffing and Human Resources
We work directly with talented individuals and successful organizations. Career Strategy Consultants recruits, interviews, staffs, and so much more.


Career Strategy Consultants specializes in creating custom staffing and recruiting plans tailored to your specific industry. 

We Understand Your Industry

We take the time to understand your industry, your culture, and your goals so we can act as another arm of your company.

Manufacturing & Industrial

When you need trained, skilled workers to join your team - we have the database to get you help quick. Don't waste precious time on interviewing when we can get you employees fast.


Spend your time finishing your next project. Save time and money by partnering with us to find you skilled talent. If you need experienced construction help, we will find them.

Medical & Healthcare

Hospitals and private practice physicians trust us to find skilled nurses, assistants, and support. We can efficiently find you the right - skilled candidate.


Professionals drivers are always wanted. We are able to find you the right fit without hassle. Let us get you back on the road by finding you the right talent.

Oil and Gas

Don't spend all of your time and effort finding employees. We help you get qualified, dedicated employees to help you with your oil and gas project.

Information Technology

IT Services, developers, cyber security specialists, Cloud Services - we do it all. We can help you find the right person for your Information Technology position.


Handling, Packing, Fulfillment, and Transport. There is a lot more to warehousing than just storage. We know that and we can find you the help to keep your business running efficient.

Renewable Energy

Work with us to find skilled talent ready to make an impact. Career Strategy Consultants are able to recruit, interview, and hire the best in renewable energy.


Many of our companies are powered by the work from our administrative positions. Clerical jobs are very unique to the industry and we can find you the correct fit.



Finding qualified accountants or members of your staff shouldn't be a concern. We help you hire the right fit so you can spend the time keeping up with the complexity and changes in tax law.


Human Resources

It doesn't take us long to get acquainted with your industry - we are HR. We make sure to ask the right customized questions so we can fully understand your needs.


Marketing is not one-size-fits all and we know it. We work with entry level marketing specialists to executive marketing directors. Our customized solutions find you the right talent for the job.


Finding the right customer facing staff member is important for your bottom line. Equally important are the support positions that help keep the lights on. We understand retail and the increasing needs for good help.


If you are struggling to find the best candidate with a Science Major, we are able to help. We have resumes for Chemists, Psychologists, and various individuals wanting a career in Science.

Call Center

Customer experience and expectations continue to grow. Having the right person on the other line is crucial for you winning against the competition. We help find you the right longterm candidate or temp hire.


Finding an attorney, assistant, or legal professional to join your staff shouldn't be a task you need to take on alone. We will bring you the right qualified talent, with the right salary requirements.



Whether you are staffing a restaurant, hotel, amusement park, or tourist attraction - we are able to place permanent and temporary help on your team.

Customer Service

The frontline employees are often your first impression to a customer. Don't make the mistake and hire the wrong candidate. We are skilled at vetting out the wrong applicants and finding employees that fit your company culture.


Finding the right creative force can dynamically change your entire business. Our experience in recruiting talented creatives can help bring you the next creative genius.


Partner with Career Strategy Consultants and Add Our Experience to Your Workforce

Staffing, Recruiting, & Human Resource Services

We have the ability to help your company grow and sustain growth. Career Strategy Consultants is an efficient way to find talent.

Reduce Time to Hire

Companies need to have the right employees in the right job fast. Our database helps improve turnaround.

Quality, Verified Information

Our assessment tests help increase objectivity, reduce reliance on resumes, and narrow the candidate pool to make better selections.

Improved Overall Efficiency

Companies select our staffing agency because we can help screen quality candidates to improve efficiency. We know what questions to ask and how to follow-up.

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