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Career Strategy Consultants Understands Compliance

Career Strategy Consultants has knows compliance. We are a human resource/staffing agency that helps small and large companies. Finding and staffing the right employees is only a part of a successful organization. We help organizations create and govern over their policies and procedures.

Compliance is a vital part of any company. Making sure you are compliant with local and state regulations, laws, and financial records is essential. Having policies in place that keep your management, departments, and employees in order helps minimize risks to your company. 

We work directly with Human Resource Departments or we offer services to act as your HR. We give guidance to professionals in your organization or we act as the governing party.

What is a Compliance Department?

A compliance department ensures that companies and employees adhere to rules and regulations. Policies include external laws and orders or internal directives and mandates.

A successful compliance department keeps companies clear from any financial or legal penalties. They reduce system risk and financial crime.

What Can I Expect from a Compliance Service?

Our team of specialists work directly with your company, reviewing and enforcing all regulations and rules. We are able to conduct audits and reviews – alerting management and officials of possible dangers or threats. Our team can also create employee and company guidelines and handbooks.

Our compliance officers can work with entire departments or specific team members. We can provide the necessary training documents to the management, supervisors, or entire team. We have officers that specialize in specific industries – focusing on diversity, complexity, scale, and volume.

Benefits of Using a Compliance Firm?

The biggest advantage of using our compliance services is freeing up the time and responsibilities of business owners or management. We can handle all of the legal responsibilities and your team can focus on their job duties and goals. Our goal at Career Strategy Consultants is to help protect our clients and their assets from any unnecessary risk. We are continually training and updating our knowledge on local, national, and international guidelines. We stay educated so you can focus on your business. 

  • We help you save time by handling and enforcing external rules and internal controls.
  • Our compliance solutions save you money by allowing our team to work as your internal payroll team. Instead of hiring an entire staff, we operate as an extension of your company.
  • Our company saves you resources. Instead of your staff being tied to a desk doing trivial tasks, we take away that burden. They can focus on big picture issues.

What Separates Us from Other Compliance Companies?

We don’t view you as just a client – we view ourselves as a part of your team. We make sure we understand your industry, policies, regulations, and culture. It is not just about filling out paperwork – we are working with you to keep your company compliant and safe.

Why We Help Companies with their Compliance

Career Strategy Consultants are trained experts. Our team is involved and educated every day. We are proactive with our clients, informing and helping them navigate laws and regulations.

We put in the time and effort to understand the corporations and companies we are partnering with. We take the time to ask questions, research your industry, and truly know what our value in helping you maintain and run a successful company.

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