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Staffing and Human Resources
We work directly with talented individuals and successful organizations. Career Strategy Consultants recruits, interviews, staffs, and so much more.
Career strategy consultants

The Skills
You Want.
The Employees You Need.

Career Strategy Consultants helps enhance our client’s lives both economically and ethically, by providing services that are value-based.


Career Strategy Consultants provides businesses of all sizes with cost-effective and time-efficient solutions to satisfy any hiring need.

Career strategy consultants
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We find you the right candidate for the job - and save you time and money. Let us do the research and introduce you to the most qualified applicants.


We are always adding new candidates to our database – making it easier for us to recommend top talent for your organization. Cut down time looking for new hires and let our proactive approach help you.

Human Resources

We help companies understand and stay compliant. Big or small, we can assist you with your payroll, benefits administration, record keeping, policy writing, and onboarding.


Our Success comes from Understanding YOU

Formed in 1999 by experienced Human Resource and Organizational Development executives, Career Strategy Consultants provides customized services that enable people and companies to confidently define strengths, develop professional skills, and reach strategic goals.



Our experienced recruiters work with a variety of industries - locally, nationally, and internationally.


Keeping updated with the latest laws and regulations could be a full-time position. We keep you updated.
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Hiring & Interviewing

Interviewing candidates can be time consuming. The opportunity cost associated with filtering through the wrong applicants is reason enough to enlist our help.
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Personalized Solutions

We understand all clients are different. We tailor our solutions specific to you. We make sure we understand you and your business so we all can be successful.

Direct Hire

Contingent-based search that provides fully vetted candidates and includes a guarantee on each hire. Continue using your existing hiring process and only pay once you hire.


Our Contract option satisfies any short-term or long-term temporary staffing need to accommodate unexpected workloads, unforeseen projects, or any fluctuation in business.

Temp to Hire

Similar to our Direct Hire option with the opportunity to observe a potential future employee prior to making a long-term commitment.

Partnered Search

A cost-effective approach to place multiple permanent or contract positions under a monthly retainer. Utilize the ability to integrate our services into your current hiring processes to function collaboratively as another arm to your existing hiring team.


Innovative, forward thinking HR Consulting and Staffing Agency.

We are an experienced organization with a group of caring and friendly professionals determined to help your company achieve its strategic organizational goals. Our reputation has been built by our success. We are known as a company who:

Back Office HR Services

Need HR Help? We Are Here to Assist You.

Payroll & Benefit Administration

We can help with benefits, 401(k), workers' comp, time tracking, and all things related payroll.

New Employee Onboarding

Start your new hires out on a path of success. Let us help with the paperwork and processes.

Employee Record Keeping

Having an organized and structure system is important for all companies. Let us help manage your records.


Whether you are in the process of being audited or need an outside source to review your documents, we will get you prepared.

Policy Writing

We are experienced and understand the nuisances of your industry. Let us help write a successful policy.

Employee Handbook Writing or Auditing

If you need a new handbook or an old one revised, we offer help, suggestions, and services for you.

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Dealt with this company for a new career opportunity. Very professional, quick responses, and straight forward! Good people!
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Highly recommend working with this team. They found me a great opportunity that was a perfect fit for my skill set.
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I worked directly with Brandon and he was extremely helpful and responsive. I would highly recommend Career Strategy Consultants to assist you.
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Very professional and quick responses. Great people.

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