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Staffing and Human Resources
We work directly with talented individuals and successful organizations. Career Strategy Consultants recruits, interviews, staffs, and so much more.
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Career Strategy Consultants Makes Payroll Easy

Career Strategy Consultants has a foundation in Payroll and Finance. We are a staffing agency that helps small and large companies find employment help and talent. Once you acquire the right talent, we help you manage your employee records and payroll. 

Payroll is a vital part of any company. Making sure you are compliant with local and state regulations and tax laws is the utmost importance.  Making sure your employees are paid timely and correctly is essential.

For many companies, we complete all payroll activities. We handle employee information, hours worked, salaries, wages, and net and gross pay.

What Are Your Payroll Options?

If you are a business with employees, you need a payroll solution. Your options are usually:

  • Payroll By Hand
  • Hire Payroll Accountant
  • Use Payroll Software

Theses solutions can work for your business, but not always the recommended approach. 

Payroll By Hand

By doing your own payroll, you are able to save an expense. This does not always equal saving money. Depending on your efficiency and knowledge, the opportunity cost might be more than what you are saving. Several other dangers of doing your own payroll include:

  • Incorrect Calculations
  • Losing Information
  • Out-of-Date Tax Rates
  • Changes in Laws or Regulations 

Payroll Accountants

Payroll accountants and internal finance teams can help you stay compliant, but does not always equal savings. By hiring a team to handle your payroll, you are hiring professionals but also adding more headcount to your staff. 

Payroll Software

Payroll software is a great solution to keep things organized and structured. You will relay on entering accurate data and will still need to have a designated, educated employee to properly use the software. There are still several disadvantages:

  • Several solutions require experienced accounting professionals
  • Fees for software support
  • You are still responsible for accuracy and submission

We help many companies select the best solution. Depending on your budget, departments, and knowledge – it might be best to partner with our team to deliver your payroll.

What Can I Expect from a Payroll Service?

Our payroll services handle all aspects of employee wages and taxes.

Basic services college wage and hour information from our clients and calculate gross wages, subtract withholdings and deductions, print and deliver checks. We also handle tax preparation with W-2 and 1099 forms.

We also can deliver more comprehensive services – helping with retirement, benefits, garnishment programs, and general human resource payroll questions.

Benefits of Using a Payroll Service?

The biggest advantage of using our payroll services is freeing up the time and responsibilities of business owners or management. We can handle all of the payroll responsibilities and your team can focus on their job duties and goals. Our goal at Career Strategy Consultants is to help protect our clients and their assets from any unnecessary risk. We are continually training and updating our knowledge on local, national, and international guidelines. We stay educated so you can focus on your business – not your payroll. 

  • We help you save time by handling wages, deductions, benefits, retirement, and tax documents.
  • Our payroll solutions save you money by allowing our team to work as your internal payroll team. Instead of hiring an entire staff, we operate as an extension of your company.
  • Our company saves you resources. Instead of your staff being tied to a desk doing trivial tasks, we take away that burden. They can focus on big picture issues.

Career Strategy Consultants HR Services

Fully Bundled HR & Staffing Services (Retained)

Full-Cycle Recruitment

Integrate CSC’s team of recruiters into your organization and utilize our most cost-effective staffing services.

  • Talent Acquisition – Recruit and retain the best talent for your company.
  • Talent Pipeline – continue to screen, interview, and identify candidates for temporary and full-time staffing needs
  • Conduct background screening and drug testing and ensure all necessary paperwork is completed and turned into your office prior to the candidate’s start date in most cases
  • Initiate the job offer and associated documents needed
Back Office HR Services

Establish and implement a streamlined process for all of your human resource needs to ensure regulatory compliance. A team of human resource professionals will be staffed to accommodate your company.

  • Perform new employee orientation and on-boarding
  • Manage personnel regarding human resource issues, payroll, and benefits
  • Professional consultation for all of your human resource questions concerning State or Federal employment law
  • Conduct yearly I-9 audits
  • Develop Human Resource Policy & Procedures as needed
  • Contract administration and labor relations expertise as needed
  • Benefit Administration
  • Absence Management
  • Discharge and disciplinary cases
  • Unemployment and Workers Compensation management
  • Performance management

What Separates Us from Other Payroll Companies?

We don’t view you as just a client – we view ourselves as a part of your team. We make sure we understand your industry, policies, regulations, and culture. It is not just about filling out paperwork – we are working with you to build a successful payroll department.

Why We Help Companies with their Payroll

Career Strategy Consultants are trained experts. Our team is involved and educated every day. We are proactive with our clients, informing and helping them navigate tax laws and regulations.

We put in the time and effort to understand the corporations and companies we are partnering with. We take the time to ask questions, research your industry, and truly know what our value in helping you maintain and run a successful company.

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