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Staffing and Human Resources
We work directly with talented individuals and successful organizations. Career Strategy Consultants recruits, interviews, staffs, and so much more.
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Career Strategy Consultants is ready to start working with you. Start the process of finding your next superb talent. 

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Career Strategy Consultants helps employers find exceptional employees and talent join successful companies. We can help you with your goals – locally, regionally, and nationally.

Career Strategy Consultants

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Shadyside, Ohio 43947
Office: 740.325.1151
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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Career Strategy Consultants works with companies and talent, matching applicants with the proper skills to open positions for our business clients. We spend the time to understand the applicant and the business so we can effectively promote a successful pairing.

    There are several reasons why staffing agencies help businesses and organizations. We can efficiently recruit top talent and place them in roles quicker than most internal HR departments. We can also save time and money by interviewing and only submitting qualified candidates.

    We offer a variety of services, but often help organizations recruit and staff employees with these workforce solutions:

    • Direct Hire
    • Temp to Hire
    • Contract
    • Partnered Search

    We work with talent and companies all over the United States. When you work with our staffing specialists, we review your qualifications and find companies with open positions that match your skills.

    We are an experienced staffing agency, with a successful history of placing talent with the right company. We are highly motivated to get you placed. Our years of experience has also helped us create a wide network of connections. 

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