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How to Fast Track Your Hiring Process and Avoid Losing Qualified Candidates


Hiring managers know this process is difficult. It can take weeks or months to find the right job candidate, especially for senior executives who require deep expertise in their field. Some companies even have processes that create high barriers between themselves and potential applicants, leaving them no choice but to continue looking for qualified candidates elsewhere.

This article will discuss ways hiring managers can expedite the recruiting and hiring process, including how they can eliminate unnecessary interviews that waste precious company time.

Job Description

Prepare a well-written job description that all internal decision makers agree with and fully understand the most critical requirements and experience needed for the position.

This will eliminate any disorganization and allow all parties to remain on the same page. The job description should include specifics regarding the required level of education (if any), the desired experience, the preferred experience level, any industry-specific qualifications, physical requirements (if any), and should provide enough information about the position to allow for targeted sourcing.


Map out the process and create an accurate timeline any prospective candidate will follow from the initial phone screen to the offer stage.

Set time restrictions on how long each phase of the interview process will last. Ideally, each interview should only take one hour to complete. This will ensure that employees are not spending too much time away from their day-to-day responsibilities and that decision makers are not wasting their own valuable time with lengthy interviews. For example, if an applicant is brought in for four interviews over two days, no more than five hours should be spent conducting interviews for this position.

Job Preview

Create a realistic job preview for prospective hires.

Provide them with a clear picture of what to expect within their first 90 days and their long-term career path with the organization. This will help applicants feel at ease and will eliminate any last-minute surprises for new employees. Clearly explain the compensation and benefits package to avoid any surprises during the offer stage. Prospective hires may be receiving offers from several companies, which can make salary negotiations more demanding.


Incorporate either aptitude or skills-based tests when necessary.

These tests can help hiring managers quickly identify strong candidates without losing too much employee time. Many companies use testing software to conduct hundreds of these tests at a time for all positions listed on their job boards.


Remain transparent and engaged with prospective hires throughout the process.

Stay in contact with them from the beginning to the end, including a call or a personal message on their final interview day. This will clarify any questions they may have and leave a good impression. If possible, inform them of their status as soon as a decision has been made. Follow up after the offer is made. It’s important to follow up with everyone you interviewed for that position. Let applicants know that you appreciated their time and that they were considered for the position.


Be prepared to expedite your interview and hiring process for ideal candidates.

If you genuinely believe the applicant is a strong fit for your organization, then chances are they are interviewing with other companies, too. If you are truly the best opportunity for them, then it’s time to show it. Give them an immediate interview slot and move the process along quickly so they don’t have time to reconsider their options. By eliminating unnecessary steps, limiting the amount of time spent during each interview, and expediting the process for qualified candidates, your company can more efficiently hire top talent.

By following these recruiting suggestions, hiring managers can expedite their overall hiring process while improving the overall candidate experience.