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Questions to Consider Asking During an Interview

Questions to Consider Asking During an Interview
Questions to Consider Asking During an Interview

Many job seekers ask themselves how they can make a good first impression during an upcoming job interview.

One of the most important things you can do is to research the company and know, detail for detail, the position you are applying for. You’ll also need to prepare a list of questions for your prospective employer to ensure you fully understand the role as well as the company’s expectations, culture, and overall direction moving forward.

The list below includes several sample questions to ask during an interview that may allow you to uncover more about the company, or position itself, and determine whether or not it’s of interest to you.

By simply doing your research leading up to the interview and preparing well-thought-out questions to ask, you will almost always have more success with each new opportunity you pursue. 

1) What are some typical day-to-day tasks? 

2) How long does it typically take an employee to be promoted from one position to another—e.g. one year? (in this case, you will want to know the minimum period of time necessary to be promoted) 

3) How often does the company adjust a job title—e.g. every 6 months? every 3 months? 

4) Describe the typical career path of someone who is doing very well in their current position.

5) What are some of the biggest challenges facing this company right now?

6) How would you describe the company culture?

7) What makes this company attractive to both applicants and employees?

8) Does the company offer benefits, such as medical insurance, retirement plan, paid time off (PTO), etc.

9) What are some ideal traits or qualities you’re seeking for this position?

10) What is the reason for this position being available?

11) Have I answered all of your questions?

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