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Best Questions to Ask HR During an Interview

best questions to ask hr during an interview
Best Questions to Ask HR During an Interview

Interviews should always be a mutual exchange of information by both parties. Candidates who feel nervous or anxious about asking questions throughout the interview process are typically doing a disservice to themselves and increasing the risk of failure and dissatisfaction by not having a clear understanding of the role and organization. There are many questions that you’ll need to ask when interviewing for a position.

Some of the most common questions asked during an interview include:

  • What can I expect from this job? 
  • How does your team communicate with each other?
  • What do you like about the work environment at your company? 
  • What are some positive aspects of this position and what are some negatives?
  • When will I know if or when I am offered the position? 
Asking Questions During Interview to HR Professional

Other questions that are critical to ask HR in order to fully understand the position, the company’s culture, and their overall direction include:

  • Why is this position available?
  • What are my goals and what are the company’s goals? 
  • Do I have a clear understanding of the position and what is expected of me?
  • What are the main reasons employees stay and leave your organization?
  • How long have employees been at the company and how many are there? 
  • Are they happy with their position and would they be willing to talk with me further about their work experience? 
  • What type of training will I receive to help me succeed in this position?   
  • Are there other opportunities within the organization that I can consider for my career growth?
  • How often are individuals promoted in similar roles?   
  • What sort of incentive programs does this company offer for employees who go above and beyond their job requirements?   
  • What skills do other employees bring with them to make them successful in their positions at this organization? 
Interview Questions to Ask HR

By asking these questions during your interview with HR, you’ll be able to determine whether or not the position and organization is a strong fit for you to be successful in accomplishing your dreams, goals, and aspirations.

Be sure to keep in mind that several of these questions can be asked to direct supervisors and other team members in order to have a better understanding of the role and organization from other perspectives. This will ultimately provide the most accurate depiction of the company’s culture and overall direction.

It’s also worth noting that the answer to whether or not the company is a great place to work really depends on who you’re asking. The thing that’s certain is that there isn’t a single answer to this question. Each person has a different idea of what makes their work environment great. Some people have strong relationships with their coworkers while others have great relationships with the company’s leadership team. Some employees love the flexibility of their positions while others enjoy being challenged each day in new and creative ways.

But, no matter which way you cut it, there are many traits that all great organizations have in common.