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Current Job Openings Across the US for November 2020

November 2020 Job Openings
November 2020 Job Openings

As a nationwide staffing agency, it’s not uncommon or unusual common hiring trends amongst our clients across the US regardless of their industry and location. Typically, toward the end of the year, hiring managers begin to slow down their staffing and hiring processes as it becomes more difficult to recruit, hire, and onboard candidates during the holiday season. This is largely due to a wide variety of external factors that come into play; such as: annual bonuses, potential promotions, holiday travel, and many more.

Surprisingly, our company has observed a rather large upward trend in both hiring and contract staffing within the last month even with the holidays around the corner and the unknown and uncertainty surrounding Covid-19 still lingering.

The largest contributors of the recent upward trend in staffing and hiring stems from the heavy industrial and manufacturing industries in Midwest states such as Indiana, Illinois, Missouri, Ohio, and Wisconsin.

Our current openings in these markets include: Director of Sales (St. Louis, MO), Regional Sales Director (Chicago, IL), Manufacturing Group Leader (Orland Park, IL), Maintenance Manager (Orland Park, IL), Electrical Maintenance Technician (Orland Park, IL), Quality Assurance Manager (South Bend, IN), and a Maintenance Technician (Kenosha, WI).

We have also seen a large increase in demand in staffing and recruiting locally within the Wheeling, WV and Ohio Valley market; with our team currently staffing a Human Resources Coordinator (Wheeling, WV), Human Resources Generalist (Steubenville, OH), Hourly Production (Yorkville, OH), Plant Mechanic (Wheeling, WV), Data Entry Coordinator (Wheeling, WV), and an Electrical Engineer (Cambridge, OH).

The list below includes all of the current openings we’re actively working on for our clients throughout the US. For more information on any of these openings or our staffing services, please contact one of our team members at your earliest convenience.

Career Strategy Consultants Search for Jobs in Florida


  • Electrical Maintenance Technician – Orlando, FL
  • Web Developer – Tampa, FL


  • Regional Sales Director – Chicago, IL
  • Manufacturing Group Leader – Orland Park, IL
  • Maintenance Manager – Orland Park, IL
  • Electrical Maintenance Technician – Orland Park, IL


  • Quality Assurance Manager – South Bend, IN


  • Director of Sales – St. Louis, MO


  • Electrical Engineer – Cambridge, OH
  • Human Resources Generalist – Steubenville, OH
  • Hourly Production – Yorkville, OH


  • Shift Supervisor – Dallas, TX
  • Mold Technician – Dallas, TX


  • Human Resources Coordinator – Wheeling, WV
  • Plant Mechanic – Wheeling, WV
  • Data Entry Coordinator – Wheeling, WV


  • Maintenance Technician – Kenosha, WI