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Staffing and Human Resources
We work directly with talented individuals and successful organizations. Career Strategy Consultants recruits, interviews, staffs, and so much more.
Career strategy consultants

Why Choose Career Strategy Consultants

Career Strategy Consultants provides the most professional Human Resources and Staffing services available to assisted organizations in meeting their strategic objectives. 


Our Team

We pride ourselves on providing unmatched Human Resources and Staffing Services and are successful in doing so by solely comprising our team of HR professionals. Each of our Recruiters and team members responsible for providing our services are active Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) members to ensure we are constantly aware of changes impacting today’s evolving workplace.


HR Strategic Planning

Talent Acquisition

Diversity & Inclusion

Corporate Social Responsibility

Employee & Labor Relations

Workforce Management

Employee Engagement & Retention

Once eligible, each of these team members are also required to obtain certification through SHRM to further validate each member’s knowledge and expertise. CSC also has specific policies and training in place to prevent any form of bias, discrimination, or harassment from occurring throughout the sourcing and vetting process. 

What Separates Our Recruiting Services from Our Competition

 CSC takes the following measures to ensure we’re providing each client with the most efficient, economic, and ethical services possible:

Collecting Demographic Data in the surrounding area (education level, cost of living, unemployment rates, etc.).

Networking with Local Organizations (Colleges & Universities, Chamber of Commerce, SHRM Chapters, and other local organizations tailored to the specific trade or skill set).

Utilize 100+ Job Boards (both broad and niche) and multiple Social Media Platforms to ensure the position is accessible to the largest and most diverse applicant pool possible.

Our recruiting team members are trained on how to avoid any form of bias, discrimination, misrepresentation, unprofessionalism, or unethical referral and recruiting practices. CSC conducts regular audits of our team to ensure our employees are in compliance with our policies and guidelines.

Each of our recruiters are also trained to become advocates of each client company in order to attract and retain the most qualified candidate pool for each open job requisition.

Our recruiters are required to exhibit the utmost form of professionalism throughout the interview process, regardless of the caliber of the position. From the initial screening to facilitating a job offer, our team focuses on the following core values of our organization:

Transparency: Our team understands that every open job requisition is a direct reflection of our client’s reputation as well as ours. As a result, we pride ourselves in establishing a positive professional relationship with each candidate, building trust, setting accurate expectations, and ensuring that they are kept informed from start to finish during the vetting and consideration process. We make it our responsibility to obtain regular updates from each hiring manager in order to provide the most accurate information possible to prospective candidates. Similarly on the client side, we also provide updates on potential candidates to hiring managers, should anything change on the candidate’s end throughout the interview and hiring process. These regular check-ins ensure the candidate remains engaged throughout the selection process and the hiring manager is aware of any potential changes to the candidate’s status.

Quality: In an effort to make each search as efficient and effective as possible, our team thoroughly vets each candidate through multiple interviews and provides as much in depth and relevant information as possible pertaining to the candidate’s background, experience, skillset, career history, goals, and compensation expectations for every individual we submit to our clients. This approach also allows us to eliminate potential candidates before submitting them for consideration in instances where they do not align with the client’s expectations.

Consistency: CSC has specific policies and processes in place to ensure that every search we conduct for our clients is managed from start to finish as efficiently, effectively, and ethically as possible. Each open job requisition is monitored and evaluated internally in an effort to confirm our services remain consistent regardless of the position, company, or industry. Periodic check-ins with each of our clients to ensure customer satisfaction is also required by our team members.

As advocates of your company, CSC also provides assistance in facilitating job offers to ensure a smooth transition from the offer stage to the onboarding process. Our team is trained on how to determine if there are any underlying concerns or issues for each candidate being offered and how to advise our client to successfully address these concerns in an effort to find a mutually beneficial resolution.


Once a candidate has been placed with your company, our team will then schedule periodic check-ins with the individual indefinitely in order to ensure they remain satisfied within their position and assist the client with addressing any questions or concerns that arise.


We provide businesses of all sizes with cost-effective and time-efficient solutions to satisfy any hiring need.

Human Resources Services

Career Strategy Consultants offer Back Office services for businesses of all sizes.

Payroll & Benefits Administration

Receive help with your business payroll, taxes, and benefits. We help small and large businesses in all things payroll.

Employee Records & Onboarding

We help your company stay organized and consistent. Let us work with you on new hire onboarding and proper record keeping.

Auditing & Policy Writing

If you are a start up company looking for direction or multi-generational small business, we help with company policies and audits.

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