Optimized Outplacement

Career Strategy Consultants offer both group and individual career transition services. Whether you are going through a corporate down size or just have an individual that is not adding value to your organization, research has proven that when companies go the extra yard to help the displaced individual become re-employed with career transition assistance, the individual is less likely to pursue legal action against the company.

The strategy of transition services is to provide a secure place with support services from which to conduct a job search. We are committed to helping our clients find meaningful employment at a level equal or better than their last position.

Our programs are built on personal service and one-on-one counseling and coaching. An important part of our guaranteed outplacement process is to be on-site to immediately assist terminated employees and begin the counseling process (or we can follow-up a few days later depending on the preference of the organization.)  Career Strategy Consultants lends support in a variety of ways and works efficiently to “fast track” employees onto a new career path as quickly as possible.

Optimized Outplacement – Program Overview
Although every program is customized to each individual, there are five major components of our program.

  1. Counseling
  2. Personal Marketing Program
  3. Interview Training
  4. Written Presentation (resume)
  5. Recruiting Services

Transition Counseling is the first step in the program. The primary aim upon first meeting your employee is to show we are a friend and ally and our best efforts will be directed toward helping him/her locate a new job as quickly as possible.

Training is conducted by a certified career coach from Career Strategy Consultants.  Problems are identified and analyzed. Possible solutions are proposed. We explain our program in detail and utilize input from the client to shape a plan that will best satisfy individual needs. During the course of the training, many processes overlap into the areas of marketability, interview training and written presentations. This provides the personalizing touch that unifies each of these components into a functioning whole.

The Personal Marketing Program is designed to place the client in front of prospective employers as quickly as possible. However, it is first necessary to develop a marketing program to define employment objectives and further recognition of the best approaches for marketing the skills being offered. Once personal aspirations have been determined, we design marketing strategies to maximize potential success.

Interview Training is one of the most important aspects of our program. It teaches the client to present themselves as highly capable and comfortable with the interview situation. It trains the client how to come across as confident, positive and personable, and how to present an image employers will associate with the highly competent, virtually ideal candidate. Much of our training focuses on personal image and what improvements may or may not be needed.

The resume prepared for your employee is professionally written and subject to the clients approval before ever going to print. Once the resume and cover letter are to the clients satisfaction, two hundred (200) copies are printed and sent to the client. This normally occurs within the first two weeks of our program. An electronic version is also provided for the client.

Recruiting Services are provided by Career Strategy Consultants through our staff of experienced recruiting professionals. Our search group can search locally or nationally and provide leads to the candidates. We also provide an internet ad answering service, and an internal “Job Bank” which lists open positions of the clients with whom we conduct business. Many of the jobs that are posted in our Job Bank are unadvertised positions.

Your employee will be assigned a counselor that will work one on one with your employee for the duration of the program that you select.

We also offer a guarantee to our program. If the client becomes unemployed within the first year after going through our program, we will allow the client to re-enter our program free of charge and we will work with them again until they become employed.

Fees vary depending upon the duration of the program that you select for your employee.