Human Resource Services

Strategic Human Resource Services

Our services include, but are not limited to:

Recruiting and Staffing 

Outplacement Services

Career Coaching

Succession Planning – Our Associates will work with Senior Leadership teams to identify key talent and develop a strategic plan to move these individuals forward in their careers. A complete training plan will be created for each individual to ensure his/her success.

Organizational Development Programs – Corporate and individual training needs assessment will be conducted.  Once identified, a training/development program will be written.  These programs are developed in conjunction with the strategic initiatives of the company.

Employee Retention Programs – Hiring new employees is expensive.  We can help improve employee retention with a thorough audit of company hiring practices, review of turnover rate and probable causes will be investigated.  Once identified, an action plan including positive employment factors will be implemented.

Executive/Managerial Coaching Program – This process focuses on performance management.  It is used for both the problem employee as well as the newly hired/appointed manager, who may need one on one coaching to reach maximum potential.  Coaching programs can vary from one to twelve months in duration, however, for most clients the time frame is three months.

Departmental Audit– A Human Resource departmental audit will be performed to review federal compliance issues, hiring practices, benefits, policies and procedures, etc.  The audit results and recommendations will be presented to your HR personnel.  We can help you bring “out of compliance” policies back in line and keep your company updated on Federal Employment law changes.

EEO Cases – All investigations and written responses to any EEO charges that may occur and representation of your company at any legal hearings or mediation of the case on your behalf.

Absence Management – We can manage your attendance, workers compensation or sick leave programs.

Training – (other tops available but not listed) *Supervisory Training * Conflict Resolution* Harassment* HIPAA* Time Management* Code of Conduct/Business Ethics* Contract Administration for your Managers/Supervisors